Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Visit to "Joe's"

The workshop. Inside the '13 was taking shape.

The early beast.

Early twin, but not the one that will power the cross-country bike. Just another one from Joe's collection.

Joe shows Motoguru the finer points of the early twin primary drive system.

German mags await their fate. As with all of Joe's builds most of the parts will be NOS.

Everywhere you look there was another early sled - this one with original paint and rare options like the leaf sprung seat and gas fed light.

Joe gives us the salute in front of his laminated Mann.

The addition almost complete.

We shut the lights off and decided to head home...the temp was in the thirties and we had 40 miles to ride. It was time to get going.

Yesterday with the temps in the forties (warm for this time of year) Motoguru and I decided to take a ride out West to visit Joe, the builder of among other interesting bikes - the dual carb "Fancy Pan" which made the rounds through all the blogs a little while back. Joe is now building a 1913 Harley twin to do a pre -'15 3,500 mile trip from North Carolina to California this summer. Joe's place is hidden way back in the woods unmarked and off the grid. Joe showed us the "new" bike and a bunch of his pre '15 stuff. We also got a look at an addition he is building onto his log cabin (which is older than the motor company itself).

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