Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tub Tribe

Neil Goldberg does his thing with a mint '57 A coupe. He dropped the engine solo in about 15 minutes. It helps to do this on a daily basis which he does at his shop in Troy.

Cleaner than you would have found at the factory in '57. You can eat off Neil's finished cars.

The "work" bay.

Everywhere you look there is another little air-cooled seed.

Heath's lightweight speedster.

Checking the front suspension out. I think I have a broken torsion spring which will require a minor tear down of the front suspension - soon to take place.

Eyeing the level and ride height of my 356. The driver side is higher which means something is up...

Another shot of Heath's Speedster.

Ava warms her ass in the sun.

Shahin at the controls.

Topping her off for the winter before getting back to the Zen den.

Dusted off the ol' 55 and scooted her up to the weekly gathering of the 356 tribe this past Saturday. Needed to take care of some front suspension issues before the snow flies. It was nearly 70 degrees and a good day for a toss in the tub. Shahin was nice enough to tag along for some photos and took plenty.


Chris said...

Goddamn it! So jeaulous. This is prob. one of my favorite cars (okay, the 550 is) but still, nice second :D

motoguru. said...

stop hangin' with fatties and you won't have the offset ride height issue. duh.

Rivet said...


The 356 is on my list of vehicles to own before I kick off this place.