Sunday, November 1, 2009

Witching Hour(s)

99.9% wacko's, wingnuts, freaks and a few loose women. Detroit's finest.
Padme proved to be a hit with the boys - "aw shucks guys your making me blush.."

Lana danced with anyone who could keep up - many tried but only a few made the cut.

A Garden Gnome came floating by.

Lana, finally disgusted with the lack of dancing talent took matters into her own hands and grabbed Han's blaster, climbed onto the stage and began shooting anything that wasn't shaking it's ass. The party reached critical mass, then security showed up...

Go Padme! Go! The perpetually happy Shayna shakin it up and down.

Another taker...this guy had the moves.

Supermotard Man getting roped into the grind. SM also proved to be a hit with the boys...

Lana and Padme in the middle of a man sandwich.

Not sure who this cat was...this may have not been a costume, this is Detroit after all.

Padme finds her favorite Muppet.

"Look into my death-ray and boogie!" Padme lures in another victim.
Lana finds a dead ringer for Sam Jackson below and discusses fire arms - and Royal's with cheese.

Wandered downtown with a small crew last night looking for a party. Being Halloween in Detroit it took us about 5 seconds to find one. It was at the MOCAD and it was going off into the street outside when we pulled up. After pushing our way inside the girls danced their cabooses off and Bjorn and I just laid back and took in the scene (ok we may have shook it up a little too). Got home @ 4. I love this town!

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L said...

HAHa bjorn just showed me the post... Samuel L. Jackson was the man!