Monday, April 26, 2010

40 from the Ann Arbor Vintage Bike Show

My second bike as a wee lad.

My third bike as a wee lad - I still own this one. Kinda weird that they were parked next to one another.

Help kill the Nazi's!

Skateboard stuff from my time has officially become "vintage". Time flies.

Auction was packed. 10 dollar bikes were the rage. A watched a thrashed Stringray go for a buck!

My pick of the show - 1970's Shriner mini-minibike. I made what I thought was a very respectable (read $700) offer only to be laughed at by the owner - who turned out to be a total dipstick.

Sweet homemade job out of stainless. Killer cute.

This freaked me out a little - these two plates sat there as photographed...Denise is my sister.

PERFECTION. Hipster's were wetting themselves.

I loved this one too. Check all the details...

$120 could have brought home this sharp little Elgin.

Please - no smoking.

Yesterday I ran over to the annual spring Ann Arbor Classic Bike Show and Mini-Bike Show. Found some great pedals for the Wasp, ate a hot dog, fell in love with a mini-bike (need a pit bike for Bonneville this year) and bumped into a ton of characters. Always a great time.


motoguru. said...

dang, that's a lot of photos!

Helge said...

The fenders on that white commuter bike are pretty sick.

Matt said...

Im diggin the Simplex.
My dads got one and it doesnt look near as good.

Diesel said...

That Simplex was 4sale For 800 bucks. Tempting...