Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last Night...

Motoguru flying his colors.

Marcel and the lovely Ms.Valerie.

Just in from his home on the big island, Val and I spent some quality time catching up. Always good to see him.
Valerie, almost in tears with laughter, keeping one of the models' from knocking over Marcel's bike again! This model was particularly tipsy and had just executed a static lowside. Thankfully she was covered head to toe in rubber and survived.

Marcel invited me down to Small's in Hamtramck last night to display the Flathead at a Noir Leather "biker" themed party. We rode down in the cold and rode home in the pouring rain & cold - springtime in Detroit! In between we all saw some things...that's all I can really say, I'm still a little speechless. We did have a blast in the bar area up front while "things" were happening out of sight in the back. Eventually we all strolled back there to see a line of people dressed in latex and leather slide up down Marcel's bike which was rolled into the "play" area for the party goers. He told me he would never look at that bike the same way again. I won't either.

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