Monday, April 5, 2010

Westside Bike Night

Rode into the setting sun heading towards Northville, always a good thing for me. The Flatty was purring the whole night.

I finally met Marcel, the cat responsible for some really nice cafe style sporties I have been seeing at events around here for years. Had a great chat with him and some of his buddies about the old stuff and not so old stuff. It's always nice when a connection is made and the local circle gets a little tighter.

Made it over to Plymouth tonight for it's weekly bike night. Enjoyed a very warm night at the throttle. Thanks to Davin and Trish for loaning me a little candle power on the way home after my head lamp began to short-out. After having at least three cars pull over due to my flashing lights freaking them out, my head lamp finally bought the farm 20 feet from my driveway! Karma baby! Nice to meet you all tonight!


doug said...

Where is this bike night in Plymouth?

Diesel said...

Doug, It's right downtown half a block west of the town square in front of a coffe shop (can't recall the name sry). Monday nights. About 30 bikes and I was told this was a "slow" night due to the pending rain.