Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Western Roll - PT13 - Jackson Wyoming

One of my favorite places on earth and second to last stop on our trip West.  I've been coming here for over a decade now - one of my fathers best friends bought and restored the Lynyrd Skynyrd ranch out on the elk refuge so whenever I was out that way I'd stay for a few days and soak up the Tetons and all the surrounding beauty - which I think is pretty much unparalleled.  If you can deal with the occasional stray cow or bison in the middle of your road the riding is epic.  Tons of great old motels and even better bars and restaurants at every corner downtown.  In the winter some of the steepest descents I've ever ridden can be found at Jackson Hole (just ask Sleepy!) and there is usually a fresh dumping of powder to boot.  The whole area has a very heavy vibe because it's still very wild - there are no saftey cones or bright yellow railings protecting idiots from themselves in that part of Wyoming so you proceed at your own risk - which of course is the way everything should be right?  It's a place the continuing pussification of modern humans has not fully obliterated.  High five.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Man, utterly stunning shots of truly wild scenery and great narrative to boot. Carlin was so right about the global pussification of society, always good to be somewhere that isn't part of that paradigm. Oz is a big country but we don't have the same grandeur and variety of geography as you do in the land of the almost free, wow, gotta get to that part of the States one day, definitely the Zen of Neato. Thanks a bunch.

grant said...

The bloody tourism board ought to give you a job. Looking at those pics makes me want to jump on a plane... thanks for sharing. Stunning as always... cheers

CRO said...

One of my favorite places. We where there last year around the same time. So nice!