Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barn Find

Took a ride west with Greg and Marcel yesterday to check out a truck Marcel was thinking about buying.  He found a solid, straight, low mile '73 F-150 survivor and ended up putting his money down - smart man.  After the deal was done we decided to forgo the rush hour grid lock and keep riding west into the sunset - it was relatively warm - 40 degrees so we went for it.  We found a quiet little town in between the sleeping cornfields with a warm pub and had good dinner.  When we walked out of the pub the sun was long gone and the temp was already heading towards the mid 30's.  We raced back to Greg's place to look at his fresh panhead transmission and a round case Duc motor he was getting ready to drop in a frame - and to warm up a little.  Finally, the night ended with Marcel and I racing each other back to the freeway, splitting ways for the ride home - his to the East mine to the North.  I pegged the spaghetti twin wide open where I could, now racing the thermometer instead of Marcel, trying to get home before the ponds along the highway had their first freeze.


Josh said...

Where can we get more info on the Sporties?

Diesel said...

Josh, we have a thing for cafe sportsters around here - for some of the best check out the Motonisto site in my blog roll. Cheers!