Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weekend Swap

Unless you were looking for a set of hard bags for your roadking it was slim pickins at our local swap last weekend.  Having said that there were still some diamonds in the rough and I brought home a few.  I have to admit I had a great time.  Thanks to everyone that said hello!  Dustin - never got your text! Drop a line brother.


Wes said...

That van is awesome!!!

Curtis said...

Yup Boomers van rules! I miss when the swap was at the Detroit Fair Grounds. Since it got moved to Novi it has never been the same. I still go to see friends and i still walk out with parts. which is a good thing!

Diesel said...

Right on Curtis, I loved the old fairground swap...swindlers, shysters, fiends and freaks. MY KIND OF PEOPLE! Loved it out there. Oh, well all things must pass. Checked out your blog - cool stuff. Drop me a contact number and I'll keep you posted on things happening around here with our little crew. Cheers.