Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Saturday Roll - PT3

Fostoria was our second stop of the day - a quiet little town with a biker bar at it's center. We relaxed in the streets after a ride of about 30 bikes departed leaving us the last non-natives in town. On the return leg home I broke a gas tank tab off the front of my red bike so we had to stop to strap the tank down.  No issues after that except for a few drops of rain. Thanks to all guys for sharing the day.   Davey is riding back to California as we speak - Terry and I will be making the same trip on Saturday for Born Free 5.  Ry will be conjuring up his spooky magic in the garage at home - something sure to blow minds by mid summer.

1 comment:

Ry said...

Thanks for getting my fat ass out of the shop for a minute.
I take it that the sporty is staying behind.