Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mike's Excellent Adventure - PT2

Once we got the bike out of Ohio and up into the Detroit area we headed over to Terry's so he could help Mike make sure it was going to be road worthy for the 3k he was about to do.  New tires, fluids, grease, some bushings and a look into the primary to figure out what was making the metallic racket when shifting up from 1st?  The last owner was a BIG guy, and had made some extensions for pegs and controls. Thankfully he tossed the original controls into the deal for Mike, so a quick swap of those parts was in order as well.  Terry and Mike had the entire next day to get the bike in shape for the trip and by looking (and riding) the bike you'd assume that there would be more than enough time for the job - of course when dealing with old motorcycles nothing ever goes as planned...

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