Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Brooklyn Between the Bars PT1 - Head East

Day 2

By chance we ran into Dave Polgreen and Zac Doom - the sun was out, the temp was warm and the karma was high.

After some food Dave tried on Ruby and deemed her acceptable.

The further East we rode the better the scenery became.

Our first stop once near New York was Walter's Kickstart Cycle Shop in Hackensack.  Walter rules.  It's always a hoot catching up...

Slept well that night after 2 days and 750 miles on the road.  Was hoping to make it into Brooklyn that night but we never made it.  The following day was the Dice pre-party and 100 other pre-BI celebrations...rest would be required.

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Wes said...

Right on!! Two of the coolest dudes I know!!