Monday, September 9, 2013

End of Summer Roll - PT3 - Milwaukee Crew - Paul Smith Show

Had a blast riding around Milwaukee with Justin, Maggie, Nate, Dave and Pete. Had just as much fun bouncing from party to party with their local crew. Justin provided us with a temporary HQ at his shop and generously gave us the keys to his kingdom - could not have met a nicer human I must say. The weekend was a blur and most pics ended up on my phone (sorry) but Shayna and I snapped the few you see above from the Paul Smith show and Warren's HUGE backyard bash. Paul Smith created the much coveted Liberty Edition graphics on the '76 bikes and also penned the official bar and shield logo (before Paul the logo was interpreted in many different ways but Paul created THEE standard). If that wasn't already enough it was his idea to put the eagle on top of the bar and shield - creating another HD icon that is still used today. Meeting him in person was a bonus treat. He kindly answered all of our stupid questions and gave us some time telling us stories of how it was "back in the day".  I could have listened to him for hours to be honest, but we had to split for Warren Jr's party which was pulled off with total class (and an adult sized slip-n-slide)! Thanks to Warren and his crew for the good chow and open doors!  I had not had a chance in the past to have a decent length conversation with Warren but this time we made sure to talk and as I suspected he's damn good people. Hopefully he will talk me into doing some vintage road racing with him! So, it was a killer labor day weekend and I'm already looking forward to the 115th Anny in 2018!  A HUGE thanks to Justin and his crew for the boundless hospitality while we were visiting his city.  Hope to ride with you all very soon!

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