Thursday, September 5, 2013

End of Summer Roll

Pointed Ruby towards the AMCA Davenport swap early Thursday morning in heavy fog that completely covered the corn fields West of Ohio. We chose route 17 which dove deep enough below Chicago to not get caught in that mess, but north enough to get us aligned with Davenport. Weather was perfect but a bit hot - only to get WAY hotter. Our ride was near perfect even crossing good ol' 66 in Dwight Illinois. Found some treasure at the swap and spent some time with people I love but really don't get to see that often. Watched the vintage flat track racers on Friday night with Gene and his crew who fed us and kept a cold beverage in our hands when needed. In the morning we decided we'd ride to the 110th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee only one state away...more on that soon.

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