Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Horsepower Hollow Revisited

The morning of the rally and all the cars entered are parked here as we all eat breakfast in the garage over there on the left.

This a shot showing the start of the event. All the cars were flagged off in one minute intervals. The average finish time for the 100 miles was in the neighborhood of 3.5 hours. The fastest drivers could do the course in a little over 2 hours. But that was flat out and many drivers went home with extra harsh speeding tickets due to the high speeds. That never worried me, I just prayed no one would run over one of my neighbors cows.
Back in a previous life I used to host a 100 mile road rally through the twisty bits west of Ann Arbor Michigan. It snowballed from a 13 car turnout the first year into a 45 car event the third year. There are a lot of gearheads in Southeastern Michigan and most of them turned out at the Hollow for the annual early autumn rally. By the way my Mom did most of the cooking and her white bean chicken chilli became legendary. After all day in a car or on a bike, her cooking was much obliged and kept us all warm by the bonfire as the October sun dipped into the far off hills.

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Shahin said...

WOW! what a scene that must have been, wish I could have participated back then... but it is not too late to dust off the old maps!... I'll be there with the V-Wagon!.. :)