Friday, January 9, 2009

My Friend Larry.

One of the highlights of my career in the styling biz was the time I spent working for hot rodder, designer, and all around solid guy Larry Erickson. Larry, an Art Center Grad (let's not hold that against him), was the creator of the Lumina coupe, Cadzilla, his own ground breaking deuce and some nice FMC products to boot (that's the short list). I worked every day with the guy as his design manager at FMC and can honestly say he was a hoot to style for. He is well versed in not only the bible of Kustom culture but also knows the more obscure modern car design world intimately. He is now the Chair of Automotive Design at Detroit's own College for Creative Studies. I obviously love the guy and honor his friendship immensely.

I bumped into him at Bonneville this year and we decided to toast "The Dude" by having a couple White Russians while drooling at all the killer hot rods roosting around. Thanks for everything Larry, you a true original in a world of fakes.

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