Saturday, January 31, 2009

Toy Show

I can't believe I've never been to one of these things before. Tipsy goes all the time and today he took me along. There was almost too much to take in all at once and it was easy to get lost in all the cool old stuff. I guess that's the point of collecting all this stuff -it transports you away to another time.

Ever wonder where that missing wheel from you Tonka Mighty Dumper went? It's right here with everone elses's. Happy hunting.

An old friend of ours Chuck had a huge collection of promo cars at the show. Chuck was one the most talanted clay modelers I had the honor of working with in the studios of FMC.

Good thing I never got rid of my old Marx six shooters, because I saw them at the show with a $500 price tag. Hey man, who ever said being a dimestore cowboy was gonna be cheap?

Eye candy!!!

This killer little trike could be yours for 125 beans the spare slicks thrown in to boot.

You gotta love "Shifty". I think I rode with him in Sturgis!

For those of you who still may have some questions...

I almost put 80 bones down for that pot iron prop over there on the right. I thought it could look pretty cool on the ULH.

More eye candy!!!

Now this I REALLY wanted to take home but the price was CRAZY. It's John Cobb's famous Mobile Special. The tin wind-up still had the original key you use to crank her over. I'll dream about this one tonight I'm sure.

My loot scored from the show safley back at home.

I have a real thing for old iron cowboys and indians and this one is killer with his duel colts pulled ready for a scrape. My favorite find at the show

The indian second from left has a pivoting right arm with a big ol dagger clenched in his fist. I think he's trouble for sure. Neato.

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