Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BonniePan Build Part 1

On my way north through the pouring rain - the solo load in was a real hoot - I need a trailer...

Welcome to ACME vintage!

The killer showroom loaded with goodies.

Helmet from photo.

First S&S Knucklehead ever - the prototype. It now "rests" in this coffin tanked chop.

Original paint Anniversary Pan. She was a beauty!

A pair of WLR's.

Jap powered hillclimber!!! How cool is that?

'29 Twin Cam - sits like the hens tooth that it is. Sweet.

The owner and shop guru Brian, post Pan extraction.

My chassis looking fast even without a mill.

Internals on my motor where PERFECT!!! Man did I luck out. I could have run it as was, but now that we have it all apart we mine as well make it go even faster so it's off to the bank for some go doe!

After messing around with a few shops in town that talked a good talk but failed to deliver the goods so to speak I found out about Brian from ACME vintage. Brian builds very dependable race motors that are proven winners on the vintage flat track circuit. He's built motors (and bikes) for my friends Art Farley and Gene Payne who both gave him solid reviews so I picked up the phone. ACME vintage had never built a motor for Bonneville so he was stoked to help me out with the project! Now that Brian has my motor I can focus on the chassis tear-down, clean-up and re-build. I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere on this project, with only 3 months until Speedweek the pressure is officially on.

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beautiful views of a great shop..