Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Fling! (almost) Part 2

Thinking about buying a set of expensive speedster re-pops? Think again. This pic is after I cut them apart (removing 1.5 inches in length) and did some grinding. Then my guardian metal angel Dwayne, did his thing so I could freely adjust them on the bike and get the perfect fit.

Cheap materials and lazy craftsmanship lead to expensive junk. These things were less than 1.5 old when they cracked last week. Probably made in China....

Even though I already removed an 1.5" of length I still was not happy with the look or feel of the "new" bars so it was back to the saw. I removed another 3.5" of length. Flip flops provide unmatched stability while cursing and hacking away on your new $300.00 re-pop speedster bars.

With the neck casting back on the bars I could mess around with the bar ends and set up the fit and look. I still needed to remove some of the bend in each bar end.

So after some more tweaking this was the fit I settled on.

After I mocked up the bar ends and temporaialiy secured them I rolled her outside into the sun for the 7 yard stare. I decided a cross bar would be a good idea in case the bars decided to try something funny again so I mocked one up with a little welding rod and tape.

I like the tighter fit and lower position of the new bars. Now I'll take them back apart and weld them up. Stay tuned...


CrazyD said...

This bike is by far my all time favorite!

Diesel said...

Your being far to kind my friend - have you looked in your garage lately?!

Much Love.