Saturday, May 16, 2009

BonniePan Build Part 3 "The Egg Head"

Here's a shot of my egg shaped steering head. Anyone have any of those egg shaped Timken cups and bearings? After stripping the frame down the other night I noticed that the steering head had some issues. After a closer inspection the next day I found that the frame had been raked and de-raked at least once in it's life. They must have heated it up (a lot) and bent it back into what was perceived to be the stock angle. Unfortunately they did it in the most imprecise way, and did not bother noticing the "egg headness" of the new cup seats. Now I will have to remove the original botched up head casting and weld in a new one. Hey SHOE does your frame table set-up work with a Big Twin?


a trimble said...

disgusting...just makes me sick to look at it.

Chris K said...

Hard to see from the left over bondo and paint but, it looks stock. Is there a weld behind the neck? All I can see is is the lock has been cut out.