Monday, March 29, 2010

"Big Greg" and MC Creations

MC creations in Houston, Texas. Last week "Big Greg" opened his doors and let us peek around the place in detail. We found lots of cool old stuff, overheard some good story and spoke sickle with the man himself...

Everywhere you looked there was another case with interesting old Harley/Indian bits. Some even for sale. But Greg new what he had and it was priced fair and accordingly.

"Big Greg" at the controls. I had met him a couple times at Eustis and knew he had the good stuff. He was kind enough to let us into his shop and even snoop around where most customers don't go. Thanks Greg!

This pic gets my gears turning... the potential projects sitting right there on one table was mesmerizing. "Tip of the ice burg" said Greg.

Greg's personal machines. A nice old knuck and a period trick 80" flathead.
1931 VL restored a very long time ago and a UL bobber project waiting for a customer.

The tricked out UL was from a late Friend and Greg kept it untouched in his honor.

The shop was packed with the good stuff and more.

You always know when your in Texas when your in Texas. Texans just don't do subtle.

Milwaukee style corner burner parked out front looking tempting.

Big Flatty and nicely restored VL sit side by each.

Maximum tankage.

It was bike night in 1/25th scale on this counter.

Big Greg's personal gauntlet from the 70's was my favorite piece at the shop. Thanks again Greg for letting us into your castle. More to come from Texas soon....

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