Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Southern Motorcycle

When asking about Houston on the Southern Fried Choppers forum two shops kept coming up - MC Creations and this place, Southern Motorcycle. So on my second day in Texas I decided to check it out.

The owner and kingpin at the SM is "Uncle Bob" shown here on the left. Southern hospitality was indeed kicking as I was again given the grand tour along with getting into some of Bob's typically off-limits back rooms where he keeps his own personal stash. Bob proved to be a true southern gentleman and took us Northerners right in.

The main shop where day to day customer work is carried out.

The vintage area which is still under construction (so to speak) was where the real fun began.

Tipsy and Bob sharing a laugh - probably right after Tipsy made an offer on one of Bob's prime pieces.

Three projects getting underway here in the vintage area.

Uncle Bob painted this banana tank back in the day, I think it may have been for a friend of the female variety.

I was drooling while taking this picture ...

Tasty bits hang all over the place - I'm sure many missed my lens as I was overwhelmed by the gobs of stock in the shop.

Bob was a big time top fuel drag racer in the not so distant past. He mentioned 140mph in 1/4 mile on this chassis...

Not your typical sporty mill here.

NFS - I tried.

I love big flatheads and we found a lot of them in Texas!

Yes those are WR tanks - check the slimmer proportions. NFS - I tried.

Bob's father and friend back in the day and above is Bob lighting the wick on one of his drag bikes.

This boss knucklehead was a drag racer from the git-go. Bob owns it now and this is what it looked like back in the day (early 50's). I know, I know, it was love at first sight for me too.

Bob's daily rider.

Spending time with Bob was a blast. He could not have been more polite and made our day for sure. If you live down south and need some old parts, advice or just a cool place to ride to check out Southern Motorcycle.

"Stuff everything, I've always got my bike..." Well said. Thanks again Uncle Bob. We will see you next time we are in the Lone Star State.

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