Friday, March 19, 2010

Birth of the BonnePan

This is Fred Maples with "Paning for Gold" which in my hands became the "BonnePan". Fred bought the bike in the late 70's after it had made the show circut for a couple years. It's history is a little foggy but we know it was at Autorama/Detroit in '79 because that's where Fred saw it and offered to buy it off the original owner. It was also at bike week in Daytona in '78 or '79 and won "best of show" there as well. When I bought it two years ago from Fred he had painted over the mural on the tank and updated a few minor things to make it a daily rider but all the gold electroplate was still there. I removed all the original jewelery and stored it away in case someone wants to re-create it after my time with it is through. Fred moved to Florida after he sold it to me and I have not heard from him since...

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