Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daytona PT.1 Eustis Swap

Wednesday 5pm - this is what I found in the back of my truck.

The drive to Indy to pick up Shoe was intense to say the least. 4.5 hour drive took 6.5 due to the slippery stuff.

Meanwhile at the House of Chop...

Shoe's new Pan looking the biz.

After driving straight through 19 hours or so we fell out of the truck and onto the swap field for some crack of dawn shopping on Friday. Our early morning hunting proved fruitful.

Our quiver outside Gene Payne's little camper. Thanks again for everything Gene!!!!

Some rocker rode in on this tasty girl.

Sweet VL period knock-off by Rikuo. Cool piece.

More choppers then usual.....

Perfect eye candy could be found all around.

As the sun slowly rose so did the attendance level and bikes began to pop up everywhere.

120K would bring home this preserved pre-'14 gray ghost...

...or you could have this solid '55 pan for 17K. A lot of complete bikes being offered up with very few takers as the economy continued to keep most buyers gun shy.

Loved this disco chubblehead.....


Hammer brought down his bitchin original paint '50 EL. He promised a ride but then he saw the look in my eye. Next time Hammer, next time. BTW - The Hydro-Glide is the new springer people, get on it!

Marked for life....

Tasty bits everywhere. Vendors were plentiful but shopping was lite. Shoe and I took advantage of this all weekend long.

"I see two swap meet fiends in your future....."

Taste my broad sword peasant!!! ROAR er roar.

I SO wish the price tag had one less zero.....Bonneville material here.

Some out of the ordinary stuff showed up as well.

People rolled in all weekend set up tents, lit fires and did the camping thing right there on the field.

My second choice pic of the show. Check out those trick pan heads down there....

Back when Pan Heads were worth more as scrap... This '50 FL was "complete" and sold for a little over 8K. Soon to be a coffee table. The neatest piece at the show.

This running survivor drew crowds all weekend and rightly so.

Saturday morning we got up once more for the Dawn Patrol...

Bikes began to assemble for judging. Can you say Studebaker....

Barb and Tim brought down Barb's new delicious 45 bob-job.

My favorite period invention at Eustis - "The Square Norton".

Thanks to SloJoe I made a late show score with this Police Special speedo for the ULH.

Oh No don't do it!!!!!

Another Jedi has gone to the dark side.....

This mint Rickman CR had me lusting after an Orange Crush..

Shoe putting his spell on Hammer's lovely wife Donna. Little does he know she see's right through his southern tinged purty talk.

Barb and her new period modified class winning '45.

Ridden down from Detroit and basking in some well deserved Florida sunlight.

The main bike show had a little bit of everything including the mighty Injun fours.

One day I'll buy a Stieb (or is it Steib?) side hack for my /2. Then I too will be cool.

I fell head over heels for this nice simple '54 Pan and it got me thinking about my post Bonneville plans...
More to come. Next up a night on the town on Mainstreet in downtown Daytona then the holy grail - Vintage road racing on the banks at DIS. Stay tuned folks....

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