Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Countryglide

Rode out to Ann Arbor last night in the perfect 80 degree sunset air and had dinner with friends at one of my favorite old haunts - Seva. Still making great (and WAY healthy) food after all these years. The hippies do know a thing or two about good grub I have to say. After a huge plate of huevos rancheros was reported MIA, it was time for a late night walk through town and some homemade ice cream. Then we all mounted up and headed home. Took the dark deserted twisties back east in the middle of the night. Reaching your hand up over your helmet would have netted you a handful of the fattest stars I've seen this side of the Rockies. Finally the weather has broken and a warm new season awaits. Slept like an astronaut late into the is good.

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