Monday, May 3, 2010


Suzi takes the Square Four for a scoot.

Slo Joe and his dog.

Gluten free!
Our favorite sportster builder (& U-boat captain) Marcel.
The town of Bunker Hill is where you will find "Mr.B's". Nearby some of the best roads in the lower mitten.

...we took a ride west of the D. Suzi Greenway's "all clubs day" was actually an "all clubs ride" with the big show happening in the fall. Nevertheless we (Marcel, Davin and I) managed to have a hoot. First by checking out the sleds that made the event, then by enjoying the free chili dog lunch and finally by running down a bunch of country twisties at twice the posted speeds. We kind of executed the event backwards but backwards has become our style. Some big dumb love must go out to Suzi and all her people for putting on such a down home event. Thanks Suzi! Have fun in France!Add Image

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