Thursday, May 27, 2010


The other night on the way to Cafe' Racer for bike night I had a freeway blowout. After a long push to a nearby gas station and a few calls I was able to scare up a real stand-up guy with a classy old pick-up and a big heart - Greg. He saved the day as he came rolling into the station with a big old grin on his face . Not only did I get a ride outta there, thanks to Greg, I was able use his lift, tools, hands and technical advice in order to quickly pop the wheel off the Duc. After the work was done I relaxed with beverage in hand watching Gabby expertly tear apart and repair an ailing Dellorto on her ultra-clean Guzi. Later, Marcel and Valerie showed up with a ride home for me and my dead rubber. A good night turned bad turned good! Sometimes the seed of great times comes disguised as bad luck. So here's a big thanks to Greg, Gabby, Mike, Marcel and Valerie for helping me out!


Bourbonator said...

Ain't that the truth! I love a happy ending.


Ry said...

Fender looks pretty clean on there

Diesel said...

Ry, I'm way happy with it now. Thanks again!