Monday, November 24, 2008

12,000 miles in four weeks FIN - Milwuakee

HD museum at the 105th B-day for HD in Milwaukee.

Seeing so many beautiful bikes in a such a perfectly designed space was a hoot.

Plenty of track hardware on display.

1940 Knucklehead - one of my favorites.

Evel's ride flies solo.

Probably as clean as this old hill climber has ever been...

This side hack rig not so much...the Indian logo is interesting.

Vintage shop swag.

Ode to the mighty Booze Fighters.

The Captain and Billy were no where to be found but there bikes made the gig.

Legendary "King Kong". Left me speechless, I'm still not sure what to think...

Even more bikes on the ground floor!
Juicy road racer...I think this may have been one of Rayburn's machines.

How cool is that? I wanted to hear this Pan hill climber run.

My dad finding some time in the saddle.

Jeff Decker's sculpture dominates the ground surrounding the museum. Willie G and family commissioned the piece and donated it to the museum. Amazing.

My '39 leaving it's mark on the museum.

The "other" museum in Milwaukee, this one contains art...

...and the building is a work of art in itself.
My dad, Ian and Tipsy waiting for the Boss. My dad kept us laughing all night.

So that's it folks. It was the greatest August of my life. I collected over 12,000 miles. Met a bunch of great new friends and road coast to coast without a map, GPS or (at some times) even a clue. I did not get lost, sick, shot by rednecks or eaten by a bear. The highlights included Sturgis with the Harley crew, Bonneville with Sleepy and his dad, surfing in Oregon and the week in Nor Cal riding up the coast with Kate. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Hopefully the stars will align a few more times in my lifetime and allow me to spend another month or more on the road. Thanks for tuning in!

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