Sunday, November 30, 2008

My 4 Wheeled Life

Me in one of the many sweet pools of Ann Arbor, sometime in the 90's. Loved that board, it was a DogTown longboard that I cut down and re-set the wheelbase. I always liked a little more lumber under my feet, especially in a deep pool.

Photo from the same session as above. The pool was at an abandoned Holiday Inn on the West side of A2. Years later I would build a house not to far from there. The pool was still skateable but a total bust in the daylight hours so we only skated on full moons with candles lighting the
coping and inside the deathbox. Some of the best sessions I could ever remember happened in the wee hours in this pool. It was a little creepy because of the old hotel but it never seemed to stop us.

Some of my boards from the day. My friends and I road mostly Alva and Dog Town equipment, indy trucks and the hardest wheels we could find. I have HUGE stacks of old boards, I kept every one of mine and most of the ones my friends pitched. Those were good fucking days for me and my friends and I miss them. Skateboarding kept me out of trouble and jail (most of the time) during my first 30 years and if I ever have children they will no doubt roll with their papa.

Regular visitors to this site have no doubt seen a few skate bent posts. This is because, until the old bikes, nothing meant more to me than skateboarding. I've been doing it since the summer 1978 (I was a wee lad). Anyway, old Harley's and skateboarding seem to make for a popular combination judging from the amount of blogs dedicated to both. I believe it's because the rush and stoke are so similar. You also conjur up the same looks from the straights. Well I'm throwing my hat into the ring, I have the same disease. Here's a little taste of my skateboarding life.

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swampy said...

your blog is so good.... keep the sk8 shit coming. ive been down for ever but the job and other priorities take over. you never lose the thought or desire to skate. trying to explain to my wife on how there was a ramp in some woods fifteen years ago is priceless. my 2 year old son can ride wth me on a longboard and i have no doubt he will be down as well. peace