Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Last Wander

70 degrees and sunny. I got up early and headed south into Ohio. Peak colors and an empty road, total bliss.

Perrysburg riverside park art.

The road followed the Southern bank of the Maumee river - one of my favorite Ohio rides. From Perrysburg to Defiance the road is PERFECT. You can take it all the way to Indy and beyond.

Goose bumps...

Near Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Big ol' grain silo with some purty orange shoots.

The old railyard being slowing erased by mother nature and her Kentucky blue grass- Grand Rapids Ohio.

I love riding all over this country but there is something about the rolling farmlands of North Western Ohio that turns my crank. Ya, it's pretty flat but that means you have long dramatic views to ride into.
Falls of Maumee just outside of Florida, Ohio.

Near the end of my Western track near Defiance Ohio I decided to take a brief nap in the warm late afternoon sun. I found a picnic table alongside the Maumee and drifted off for 30 minutes.

Picnic table/bed view.

That was a big ass tree...

Ohioians and Michiganders at war? Still at it today but the guns have been exchanged for a football.

The end of golden hour on the prairie. I could ride into that sun indefinitely.

Finally heading home. It was about 50 degrees here. The sun was about to sink into some far off corn field. I knew this was it for the season here in the North. It was a good one. Got home way after dark, put the bike away and crawled into my warm bed, turned off the alarm. The next day we would elect a new president.

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Ever since Big Tony told me about your site, I've been looking at it everyday.
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