Wednesday, June 23, 2010

50 From the Mods VS. Rockers Run

I've been buried for the last couple days so sorry for the delay but here it is in a nutshell. Marcel and I took off on Friday afternoon for the Mods vs. Rockers show in Chicago - typically about a 4.5 hour ride from Detroit. It took us about 12 hours total even though we ran down the slab at speeds up to 140 with a general cruising speed of 100. We ran into two separate hellish storms Friday night heading West sending us for cover, the first time into Schulers in Marshall where we hid the bikes in an ally and then ate a great dinner. The second storm, about 100 miles down the road sent us ducking for cover into an ancient roadside motel that Kerouac probably got drunk in. After putting the bikes under cover we decided to do the same thing. Found a bottle of ok wine and after a 10 minute cork exstraction sat down under an awning and watched the late night strom blow in while finishing the bottle. 60+mph winds were being recorded as we slept off the basic white wine in our old creeky beds surrounded by 80 year old knotty pine. By the 10am the following morning our wheels had found pavment endorsed by Mayor Daley. We got to the show about an hour early after fighting through some horrible big city grid-lock on lakeshore drive. Delilah's was ground zero for the event so we parked the bikes out front and grabbed a table for the gig, ordered some drinks, sat back and watched everything happen. The bar had a great vibe as did the street outside as it filled up quickley with bikes and bike people of every type. We spent the afternoon half in the bar drinking and half on the street checking the bikes out and meeting some really cool people. By the time the party was supposed to move to another venue for the nights festivities I had to load up and bolt back to the mitten for a gig I had the following morning so I missed what I'm sure ended up being an epic night of bar hopping and loads of fun. Marcel ended up at Gennaro Sepe's shop (from the horse magazine) drinking and talking bikes early into the following morning. Thanks to everyone I met "Hey! Your the ZON guy!" and to PJ, Ann (congrats on your clean new/old Beemer!), Trish, Joel, Gennaro, PanShovel Josh and all the folks from the Ton-Up club for putting on such a cool event. See you all next year.


motoguru. said...

PanShovel Josh is bassuppercut from Violation Tour, am I right? Good stuff!

Her Majesty's Thunder said...

Great photos, thanks man! Lotsa great bikes and characters to boot.

gennaro said...

A real pleasure meeting you!