Friday, June 18, 2010

Decision Made!!!

Looks like it's the Mods Vs. Rockers gig in Chicago tomorrow! I've always thought I was a bit of a hybrid - a Mocker! It was a difficult decision because the Lowbrow Get-Down in Ohio Sat & Sun sounds truly happening but I have to be back here in the D Sunday morning for a car/bike/design show that I (somehow) have been asked to judge. So Marcel and I will scoot after work today and chase the sun across the lower mitten and catch all the doings tonight and tomorrow at the M Vs. R show at the Ton Up and then bolt back to the D in the wee hours Saturday night. If your anywhere near Chicago come on by and say hello! Yes I'm talking to you! It's been a while baby!

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motoguru. said...

I wanna be in on the action in photo #1. Have fun. Be safe and careful. Love you, bye.