Monday, June 28, 2010

Down at The Ton-Up

1800 bucks took home this 70's trump chopper.

My favorite bike of the show was this tuff little XR1000.


Clean original square case Duc was a peach.

Chris supporting the ZON in style with a REALLY COOL T-SHIRT and Trish.

PJ and his new Beemer, a true survivior with original everything. Now in good hands.

Geno beating the heat.

The copper bits sure are tasty.

Speaking of tasty check out this rootbeer float of a 750!

Met ZON regulars Sethro and his girl Chistine at the show. This is their sporty and I think it's lovely.

Go buy a Uni-bit and be a hero like Sethro!

The Guru doin' his thang with an innocent spectator - AKA Chicago Trish.

Scott brought down not one, but two spotless machines. The GS1000 is a museum piece and his rare color combo Daytona is the nicest one I have ever seen.

Crash and Strut made the show.

Saturday was spent in Yipsi at the Ton-Up festival. As well as all the usual suspects I also managed to meet some new people and see some new bikes. Saw a man in a kilt and a man in a cape. Nuff said.


wayne said...

You have apic with the cape man and a kilt man? Nice.

Ths movie came out today, I remember you were a old surf fan.

Anonymous said...

Great pics of the bikes, looks like you had a good time.

-The Kilt Man