Thursday, June 24, 2010

That Time of The Season

I recently came across two of the pics above on my morning blog look-see. Both of the color shots raised the hairs on the back of my neck, reminding me of why I love motorcycles so much. The black and white shot just reminds us of how long the drug we call "the road" has had us in it's grips. I'll joke to my crew when I see some store bought bad ass profiling on his 35K road king laden with every tacky fringed golden widget he could afford from his local shiny boutique dealership and shout "It's about FREEDOM!" But the truth of the matter is - it really is. I know it's a tired cliche' and to some laughable but to me traveling long distances by cycle in America absolutely links me with generations past who did the exact same thing by horse. It's strong fuel for the soul and spirit. There is nothing else I have ever tried or experienced that gives me the same feelings. Packing up your bike and leaving home for an extended amount of time with no itinerary is earthen bound nirvana and leads to a limitless line of physical and spiritual doorways to be explored. It is true Freedom. So now it is officially that time of the season where we get out the maps and think beyond our current horizons. I'm could not be more stoked.

Thanks to Kemosobe and the Lodge & Greasy Kulture for the images. Both great blogs can be found via the links on the right.