Monday, June 14, 2010

The Gilmore Run

Made the run to the Gilmore Museum in Hickory Corners MI yesterday for the vintage scooter affair. Greg, Marcel, Davin and I left "early" once a little fuel and coffee was had. After some fiddling with Davin's GPS and some sweet post-super slab twisties we found the barns and the bikes. As usual the event was jammed with motorcycles and motorcycle people. The judged bike show itself was just a tad on the light side but made up for it in quality. It was parts galore at the swap but biased somewhat along Asian /European lines. If you have never been to the Gilmore Museum itself put it on your list as it is something to experience for sure. Even if you took away all the incredible hardware the ever expanding barns would still be worth the trip. We beat it back to the East by way of downtown battle creek which was a huge mistake, thankfully we tripped over the E-way and bought the 80+ MPH ticket back home to Greg's. We had planned on the back roads but a beautiful detour to Gull Lake and PJ's parents place took us off the trajectory. No matter, as 94 finally allowed me to open up the spaghetti twin to a comfortable 130+ mph scoot - and she had more! Dinner was cooked and eaten over an open fire back at Gabby & Greg's little peace of the country. Adult type refreshments were had and that of course led to a trampoline session which davin won hands down - literally. Finally the night was closed in style as Gabby's mother visiting from Austria presented her daughter with a killer red leather biker jacket that she had worn over 20 years ago with Gabby's father riding in Europe! It was a nice moment and a great way to end a long bitchin' day.

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