Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big D Cycle, Dallas Texas

The second shop I toured during my stay in Texas was Big D Cycle on the West side of Dallas. Keith Martin, the owner, was more than happy to give me the lowdown on his shop which he has now owned since the 90's after buying the shop from Texas legend Jack Wilson who founded Big D Cycle in 1963. Jack built something like 60 world record setting motorcycles by the time he retired, even going 192 mph plus at Bonnie on a 1000cc Trident when he was 48. So the shop has some serious history.
Specializing in sleds from across the pond with a real soft spot for race bikes and a REAL soft spot for land speed racing bikes. When I mentioned to Kieth I too was a Bonneville born again he said "Well then! You get the full tour! Follow me!" We then spent the next hour going through the nitty gritty of his operation which was huge. Tons of great machines to drool over and each one had a story (as they all do). My favorite though was the dual mill Norton streamliner which Kieth and his crew were meticulously rebuilding for a client with what must have been deepish pockets and refreshingly good taste. The exhaust set up alone I wanted to sleep with. A Cool place and a very righteous dude Kieth is for giving this stranger the wide open doors. Thanks again to Kieth and all the guys at Big D Cycle! See you all on the salt in August! Click post title for the linkage to the official Big D Cycle site.


motoguru. said...

Good to see some real man bikes on your blog for a change. ;)