Friday, March 11, 2011

The Purpose #37

This old 45 now belongs to Norway's Sverre. Hopefully he will forward on some recent pics of her. Thanks again for saying hello Sverre! Check the comments for a great history lesson on K-396!


American motorcycles said...

Hi that looks like my old 45", at least it was this morning when walking trough my hallway. This old girl have had the same reg plate since 1939 and I`m the second owner, aint that cool?


Diesel said...


That's is cool! Send some modern pics of her!!! Who are the folks in the pic?


American motorcycles said...

The guy in the pic is the one that ordered this bike in 39. As you might well know there where very low production numbers for ordinary bikes in 39. Over here is only two known 39`s, mine and a knuckle still with its original paint too.
The gal on the back is the "wife to come", another interesting fact is that the garage in back of the bike is still there just as unpainted as in 48 when this pic was taken.
When the previous owner passed the bike rested in a relatives garage for several years until I convinced the family their storage ruined the bike the way it was. When purchased I did a complete mechanical overhaul and actually I repaired a problem in the gearbox that had been there since the previous owner took the bike totally apart during WWII, this to prevent the Germans from confiscating it as they did with all vehicles running. My longest adventure on this old girl was driving to Sweden visiting A-Bombers, a great event for anyone into old US car or cicle culture.
Will try to get posted on my blog some great shots of this bike taken during the last 6 years.