Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Western Roll PT8 - Born Free Load-In

Left Caleb's place in the AM with our little crew including Caleb,  Michael Schmidt, JD, Gilby Clarke and a friend of  JD's from Japan who was in for the show.  She had JD build that cool little XS650 just for the occasion!  After jiggling down a few of LA's many freeway's we found our way to the show.  It was the load-in day for the builders and vendors so it was a good time to catch up with people I hadn't seen in while and say hello.  I helped Walter and Caleb get their booths up and running next to the Biltwell crew who took extra good care of us all with refreshments and good banter.  Those guys (and girls) are top-notch individuals  of the biker persuasion and make some solid gear to boot.  It was also a good day to take pictures without crowds around the bikes like there would be in droves the next morning.  Ashley and a crew from Filth Mode MC rolled in from Vancouver with a case of Modelo so it was on.  A bit later the Kemosabe crew from Chicago also rumbled up and things began to fire up for the night.  Michael Schmidt debuted his epic new cycle doc "6 Over" on an inflatable movie screen to hoots, hollers and  much laughter.  If you have not picked up a copy point your mouse at he Dice blog and pick one up!  Beers were emptied, wieners and burgers were devoured and all (well, most, see above) stumbled back to their tents happily buzzed with much stoke for the morning.

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