Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Western Roll PT3

Bodega Bay to a little north of Point Arena - I decided on the trip it's the best road I have ever ridden on.  If you only had one more day to live this is where I'd spend my final hours.  There wasn't a bad stretch of road or a view that wasn't picture worthy.  It's also basically a ghost road with very few other travelers which made it even more surreal.  We stopped at Stewarts Point for gas and a beverage at the local general store that has been owned by the same family since 1868.  North of there the road begins to stretch out a little and  I was able to use 4th gear for the first time - the road to the south was a challenge with my stock rocker clutch/tank shift set-up read curves, curves, curves and major changes in elevation around every corner.  In Point Arena I stopped by the Zen House looking for some fork oil but found it closed for the day - to bad because it's a pretty cool shop/story. Look into it if you ever find yourself up that way - especially if you need some wrenching, a tire, or a quart of oil.  After a stop at the pier to watch the days catch come in we headed back south to Bodega with the sun sinking over our right shoulders.  We found cattle on the road and some extra chubby seals on the beach all within the same mile - it's that kind of road.  Put it on your list and do it soon before the creeping fingers of the wall-mart minded developer finds a reason to cook-up his cancer there.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, scenery is great, thumbs up !

vincent said...

Love your trip !