Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Western Roll PT1

Left Detroit at 7pm on a Friday and drove straight through the night on a five hour energy shot. 22 hours later we found ourselves in Green River, Utah.  Had a solid meal at Ray's - a burger joint that had been in business since WWII when the town was home to an airbase.  The place had a warm quiet vibe but it's past wasn't so stoic.  Butch and Sundance choose the bank in town (pictured) as their last heist before heading to South America for their doomed final chapter.  The next morning we pointed the truck down the loneliest road in america Highway 50, arcing across some of Utah and Nevada's most beautiful (but absolutely desolate) scenery like an asphalt lifeline to the West.

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OcchioLungo said...

I enjoyed a great plate of mexican food in Green River UT once. But it was spoiled by the fact that the restaurant didn't sell any beer! But there was some good scenery like you saw.