Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's ALIVE!!!!

Well, almost anyway.  Got the shiny re-freshed mill back from Lurch @ Motertech today.  Terry stopped by to help with round one of the re-install which went pretty easy.   Some minor issues with the threaded intake inserts on the new S&S cylinders made us call it a day so we can scare up the correct tool.  Meanwhile I have an oil bag and lines to flush out and about a million other things to get ready for the second round on Tuesday.  I love this bike! Can't wait to hear it howl!


Wes said...

I love that bike!! Better oil I have never tasted!

grant said...

Reminds me i need to get back on and finish my UL, so close.
What do you think about those S&S cylinders so far?